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The Billie Holiday Story   Written by Brian Langtry and Len Holden
The Five Year Itch Written by Steve Black
It is several years before Marilyn`s death. Her stardom has reached almost chaotic heights and her own insecurities have forced her to flee to a quiet hotel where, under a pseudonym, she checks in to escape the demands put on her by the public, the industry, friends and lovers. In the hotel room she meets a stranger and begins to talk about her childhood and her troubled life. The play reveals a side of Marilyn Monroe not usually seen. Later in the play the two meet again in the same motel room. Much has happened in the intervening years but here ominously dark clouds lurk on the horizon. This compelling two handed play by Steve Black provides an engrossing glimpse into the life and relationships of Marilyn Monroe. This play was originally premiered at the Kings Head Theatre in Islington and directed by the renowned actor Jonathan Hyde.
Written   in   2005   by   friends   and   colleauges   this   work details   the   life   of   the   tragic   yet   vibrant   jazz   icon, Billie   Holiday,   from   her   first   appearance   at   the   age   of 13   through   to   her   sad   and   untimely   death   in   1959. The   Show   was   toured   by`   Theatre-Productions`   in 2005   starring   London   based   actress   `Yah`   in   the   title role   and   again   in   2006   when   Billie   was   played   by Rain      Prior      the      accomplished      American      jazz singer/actress    and    daughter    of    comedian    Richard Prior.    Louis    Emerick,    once    of    Brookside,    played Lester   `Prez`   Young.   Using   film   as   narration,   a   live   5 piece   band   and   a   cast   of   9   this   sometime   harrowing. often   uplifting   and   engaging   story   pulls   no   punches in   its   exploration   of   the   ups   and   downs   of   Billie`s life, The   piece   is   now   available   for   performance   again and new producers are sought.
 A Girl Called Dusty Written by Brian Langtry
Building    upon    Brian    and    Steve    Andrew`s    award winning   play   “   The   Middle   of   Nowhere   “   this   piece covers   the   story   of   the   `   white   queen   of   soul   `   from her     early     successes     with     brother     Dion     in     the Springfields   through   to   her   later   revival   via   1990`s   ` electro pop `. In   between   the   highs   of   becoming   the   biggest   selling female   solo   artist   of   the   time;   the   critical   acclaim   of the   Album   `   Dusty   In   Memphis   `   and   the   re-emergent collaboration     with     the     Pet     Shop     Boys,     Dusty plummeted   troughs   of   deep   despair,   desperate   bouts of   promiscuity,   drink   and   drug   dependency,   financial chaos,         unresolved         psychological         traumas, insecurities    of    sexual    identity    and    a    seemingly unending     inability     to     find     the     kind     of     loving relationship she so desperately desired. This   musical   biography      enshrines,   in   addition   to   18 songs,   a   variety   of   music   and   settings   from   the   era that would change the world forever. Running Time: 1Hour 50 minutes Cast: 9 actor musicians Film Sequences
The Middle of Nowhere Written by Steve Andrews and Brian Langtry
This   is   the   story   of   Dusty   Springfield,   exhilarating, sad,moving,      at      times      funny      and      at      times exhausting.    Dusty    left    behind    her    a    rich    musical heritage     which     has     effortlessly     survived     the passage   of   time,   fad   and   fashion.      `The   Middle   of Nowhere`    although    featuring    all    of    her    famous songs    is    much    more    than    simply    an    evening    of unforgetable   music   charting   her   life   from   the   first days    of    The    Lana    Sisters    through    the    turbulent      seventies,     her     revival     in     the     eighties     to     her struggles with failing health in her later years. An uplifting and life affirming story, tinged with saddness and tragedy, of a pop icon and troubled soul. The story is told jointly by Dusty and Ronny, a failed show-biz reporter, who after a single chance meeting with her became captivated and obsessed. His life in so many ways mirroring hers. ` The Middle of Nowhere ` won the best musical award on its premiere at the Buxton Fringe Festival. It is now offered to theatres as a self-contained show suitable for all ages.
Hello I`m Johnny Cash Written by Brian Langtry
This   musical   play   of   `The   Man   in   Black`   was   toured by   `Legless   Productions`   in   2006/07.   It   relates   the story   and   songs   from   the   days   of   Sun   Records through   the   lean   years   of   the   mid   70`s   and   80`s   to his    rebirth    through    collaborations    with    hip-hop producer     Rick     Rubin.     Cash     was     a     unique, opinionated,tormented,      deeply      religious      and supremely    talented    singer/song    writer.    A    strong supporter    of    minority    rights,    particularly    those concerning    Native    Americans,    the    working    man and   those   within   the   prison   population   to   whom   he was   ever   generous   in   both   practical   and   financial ways. His      relationship      with      June      Carter,      singer, entertainer   and   member   of   Country   music   royalty, ` The   Carter   Family   `   saved   Cash   from   his   powerful self-destructive       nature       and       provided       the springboard for his continued creative life. `   Hello   I`m   Johnny   Cash   `   is   either   performed   as   a small    cast    show    for    three    actors    or    as    more expansive piece for 8 actors and band. This show is now available for production interest.
Clara Written by Steve Andrews and Brian Langtry
Teenager    Danny    is    a    playstation    afficionado.    One evening   he   is   drawn   into   and   through   the   screen   of his   computer   to   enter   the   virtual   world   of   his   heroine Clara   and   her   peaceful   people   `   The   Packs   `.   The welcoming   celebrations   turn   to   anguish   as   Clara   is captured       by       the       ferocious       Cybermets       and imprisioned   by   Queen   Virelia   the   ruler   of   Cyber   City. Danny    sets    off    to    rescue    her    accompanied    by    a reluctant   and   nervous   group   of   `Packs`.   Ultimely   the rescue   is   accomplished   and,   after   several   perilous encounters,   Clara,   Danny   and   his   accomplices   return triumphantly. Will   Danny   stay   in   his   `new`   world   or   return   to   his `real`    world?    Did    all    this    happen    or    was    it    just    a dream?    `Clara   `   is   a   fast   moving   musical   with   elements   of drama,   dance,   comedy   and   pantomime.   The   musical is      modern      and      offers      enormous      scope      for characterisation,   vibrant   sets   and   a   great   night   out for audiences from 5 to 95. Clara is a musical play for 6 men and 4 women. The running time is 2 hours.
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