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 Welcome to the new Legless Productions website and many thanks for your visit. We hope you will find something of interest to you in the following sections. All the plays described in the following pages are available for purchase.                                                                                      Legless Productions was formed in 1998 when friends and fellow  “Black Country” performers, Brian Langtry and Ron Burns, sought fresh creative challenges. For those of you outside the United Kingdom “Black Country” refers to that geographical area to the west of Birmingham that witnessed the industrial revolution in all its awesome power based locally on coal and iron deposits that created the iron and steel industry. The first collaboration of Brian and Ron was the musical “A Cupful of Sugar”, for more information go to  www.twoactplays.org.uk   ;  followed by “Second Spot” a comedy based on the life of a deceased club comedian. Sadly before the piece could be finished Ron tragically died. After a peroid of contemplation and discussion with Ron`s surviving family Brian completed the piece. Ron is still sorely missed but his legacy lives on in his poems and the memories of his deadpan stage delivery, which over the years brought tears of laughter to so many “Black Country” eyes. Brian had, prior to Ron`s death,formed  “Giggetty” in 1971 and this band of musicians, poets and performers soon became the “Black Country`s” favourite folk group. Ron became a regular addition to  “The Giggetty Black Country Show” which toured the Midlands area of England and beyond for the following 28 years until Brian retired from the demands of exhaustive touring and gigging. Details and information about “Giggetty” can be found at  www.giggetty.co.uk.   Brian now lives in Ashby De La Zouch and is involved in writing, producing, directing and performing again. The Legless Productions website details current and past productions and invites prospective producers to consider the works found in the “New Projects avilable for production” section.
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