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This   musical   biop   tells   the   story   of   this   blues/rock   idol   from   her   rebellious   teenage years    through    to    her    lonely    and    untimely    death    at    the    Landmark    Hotel    in    Los Angeles   on   the   5th.   October   1970.   Featuring   9   of   her   best   known   songs   together with   a   segment   of   different   artists   from   the   Monterey   Pop   Festival   of   1967   the   story is   one   of   triumph,   drama,   self   destruction   and   captures   the   essence,   style,   music, colour and aspirations of the flower power days of 60`s California. A   stage   production   ideal   for   touring   with   a   cast   of   9   (   4   women   and   5   men   )   providing great   costumes   and   staging   possibilities;   truly   memorable   music;   film   opportunities and a dramatic and touching storyline. “Pearl” is currently available to interested production companies.
Talullah        Written and devised by Brian Langtry
“It`s A Girl Thing” by Brian Langtry Set initially in 1964 four young women meet in a Liverpool pub to celebrate a birthday. They intend to round off the evening by going to the legendary Cavern Club which is about to close its doors. The foursome, from varied social backgrounds and cultures, are bonded in lifelong friendship and share the excitement and anticipation of being about to embark upon their adulthood. In Act 1 we learn about their dreams, foibles, characters and aspirations. We also meet the strange and  sinister `Suleman` a young man known to them but not befriended by them. Act   2   sees   the   foursome   back   in   the   pub   once   more   some   10   years   down   the   road.   Life has   changed   for   all   and   deep   seated,   uncomfortable   and   in   some   cases   traumatic truths    and    events    emerge.    Each    life    has    been    touched    by    the    unanticipated    and emotional    scars    are    laid    bare    and,    sometimes    willingly    and    sometimes    forcefully, shared.   They   all   have   cause   to   wonder   and   consider.   The   play   is   about   friendship, falling out, making up, life growth and hurting.  Funny,  Dramatic,  Poignant,  Captivating.
     Living next Door to Alice             Written by Brian Langtry
A      new   all   singing   and   dancing      musical   play   with   a   stunning   cast   of   singers,   actors, and   dancers.   A   foot   stomping,   heart   warming,   toe   tapping,   side   splitting   kind   of show! This   is   the   true   story   of   one   Tommy   Parietti,   a   sixteen   year   old   raised   by   his   doting grandmother,   who   is   plucked   from   the   playground   to   teenage   stardom   only   to   see his    world    implode    as    personal    and    professional    stresses        and    circumstances threaten to tear him apart. This   paves   the   way   for   a   musical   which   is   at   times   hilarious,   at   times   poignant,   at times    uplifting,    adolescence,    friendship,    hilarity,    optimism,    despair    and    finally happiness and fulfilment. Add   to   this   23   unforgettable   pop   songs,   creative   choreography,   a   happy   ending   and a   finale   guaranteed   to   have   an   audience   on   its   feet   singing   and   clapping   to   the closing   choruses   of   what   cannot   fail   to   have   been   a   truly   memorable   and   enjoyable evening of entertainment. Classic songs you`ll be humming all the way home! Dance routines to make you want to boogie! Lines you`ll still be laughing at tomorrow! Moments that will capture your heart! “Living next Door to Alice” is currently provisionally placed for production but further enquiries are still welcomed.
Tallulah   is   a   two-act   play   focusing   upon   the   character   and   life   of   the   infamous   Southern Belle   who   charmed   London   and   Broadway   theatre   goers   from   the   1920`s   through   to   her virtual retirement in the 1950`s. Outrageously   craving   of   attention   and   defiant   of   all   accepted   expectations   the   openly bisexual   Tallulah   found   herself   drawn   to   the   intellectual   bohemians   of   her   era   becoming   a devotee   of   both   `The Algonquin   Set`   in   New   York   and   the   `Bright   Young   Things`   in   London. She   was   reveired   by   her   coterie   in   London;   `   Gallery   Girls   `   who   took   great   delight   in defying   every   known   theatre   convention   casting   aside   inhibitions   and   stamping,   cooing   and wailing   at   their   heroine`s   every   movement. A   uniquely   stylised   actress   Tallulah   would   these days inevitably have become tagged with the mantle of `celebrity`. The   play   provides   a   frank   and   sexually   revealing   insight   into   the   character,   relationships, psyche   and   idiosyncrasies      of   this   complex   woman   and   the   world   and   period   which   she inhabited. Visually engaging costuming, sets and styling from 1928 to 1954. The production runs for 1hour and 45 minutes. Minimum    cast    of    2    men    and    2    women-    9    characters    doubling    or    expanded    cast    for individual roles. Use   of   filmic   sequences   and   a   simulated   staging   of   `   The   Big   Show`   Tallulah`s   hit   radio show of the 1950`s which involves musical content.
All the above are available for production by interested parties. Please see our links page for contact information All the above are available for production by interested parties. Please see our links page for contact information
                 Pearl          The Janis Joplin Story  Written by Brian Langtry and Len Holden
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