Legless Productions Plays, Films and Events for the World Wide Stage  Current Productions The Eva Cassidy story was written in 2001 after Brian heard and became  enchanted by the Eva version of “Someshere Over the Rainbow” which shot  to the top of the U.K. charts championed by Radio 2 producer Paul Walters  and DJ Terry Wogan. Coming at a moment in time when music was over  synthesised, over produced and almost unilaterally formulaic; the beautiful  soaring vocals and solitary guitar was, for Brian, an inspiration and a truly  welcome breath of fresh air. The show first toured U.K./Ireland in 2003 starring Loretto Murray in the role  of Eva and has since completed a further 8 U.K./Ireland/Europe tours  collecting awards along the way. Faye Tozer Smith, Nicole Faraday, Julie Brown. Sarah Jane Buckley and Zoe Tyler are amongst those actors who have played this iconic and unique  singer. The list continues to rise with the next tour scheduled for the Autumn  of 2011. The producers of “The Eva Cassidy Story” are “Theatre-Productions” at;  www.theatre-productions .com  Over The Rainbow- The Eva Cassidy Story Written by Brian Langtry A Rainy Day in Cromer- The Movie Written and Directed by Brian Langtry     “ Banded Together” is the multimedia performance drama depicting in song,  acting, music, film and audio dialogue the tragic story of Leicestershire`s biggest  mining disaster which occurred in No.5 Pit at The Whitwick Colliery in 1898. 35  miners lost their lives devastating the local mining community leaving a legacy felt to-day. Some of the victims bodies were never recovered and to this day remain  lost beneath the ground. Originaly conceived as a radio docu/drama and thus into a CD of the same name. The Live Show was premiered at Snibston Discovery Centre Coalville, itself built in regeneration upon a part of the Whitwick pit. The piece is available as a standalone performance lasting 57 minutes and is touring as part of “The Song of Mine” 2010/2011. Tour details  will appear below in due course. Go to www.bandedtogether.co.uk for further details. Banded Together Written by Brian Langtry Adapted from Brian Langtry`s one act play and produced by Legless Productions in association with H and L Productions and the Bickering Brothers. “A Rainy Day in Cromer” tells the story of Bernard an ex- public authority  accountant. In the last months of his life he purchases a caravan in the  seaside resort of Cromer with the aim seeking some resolution to  emotions and memories from the single most treasured, yet brief  interlude, of his life. We learn of his struggle to achieve understanding of  the once in a lifetime love affair which lasted barely three months and  ended over 20 tears ago. The film tells the humerous, dark, poignant, and  uplifting story of how Bernard strives to achieve this end leaving behind a  legacy the like of which he feels was largely pointless and at best  mundane. The movie will last for just over an hour and in due course it is hoped it will be streamed. Updates will be added to this website during the next few months. This film was previewed in the Ashby Arts Festival on the 2nd. June 2011. It will be  on limited showings during 2012. Legless Productions A 2 hour self contained show;  Act 1 being a performance of “Banded Together” the multimedia show telling the story of the Whitwick Pit Disaster of 1898. Act 2 features an hour of music and humour from the Zouch Boys performing mining song from around the world. Also available is a CD of this show from Brian Langtry cost £10 incl. p&p. Please contact Brian by e-mail on brianlangtry@talktalk.net The Song of the Mine Written by Brian Langtry The Goblin Folk and Poetry Club This new venture opening in Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire on the 15th. November 2011 aims to create a vibrant and varied performance space for all offshoots of folk music and poetry. Sing a song, play a tune, recite your own poem, read a foavourite poem, read a short story or simply relax and take in the wonder of the spoken word. The atmosphere is relaxed, supportive and attentive in the pleasant and intrestingt surroundings of the `Giggling Gblin Coffeee Bar`  each 3rd. Tuesday of the month from 8.30pm. The evenings are hosted by local writer and musician Brian Langtry. The events are free and both alcohol and excellant cappuccino,latte,espresso coffee is available. Connie Francis Music and Memories Dates of Shows CONNIE FRANCIS- Music and Memories Written and Directed by Brian Langtry Click on images below to increase size and for information about the Production and dates and venues Goblin Folk Club